Red Deer - Wildlife Painting
Red Deer - Wildlife Painting Red Deer - Wildlife Painting
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Red Deer - Wildlife Painting


I was given permission by Richard Campion from Devon to use some of his wildlife photos for my paintings.

This paining is of a red deer. They're such gentle and elegant creatures. I see many around the woods at my grandparents.

Size: A4

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✔ Portraits take less than 2-3 weeks

✔ Presented in beautiful coloured mount

  • Painted with the finest supplies
  • Hand painted by me in the UK
  • Full satisfaction guarantee
  • Can be mounted & framed

Illustration ordering guide

Taking the photos

In order to create your illustration, I will need good quality photographs that clearly show the animals eyes and hair or fur, and any unique details that make them stand out from others. You'll need to make sure the lighting is good with good contrast showing as much detail as possible. If you would like me to do photography, all I ask is that my travel costs are covered to do so!

What you'll receive

As part of your commission, you'll receive the original artwork to your chosen size and a certificate of authenticity.

How long it takes

I am to complete all commissions within 2-3 weeks although please bear in mind busy periods (such as Christmas) and my availability. I can confirm timings once you have confirmed your requirements!

Payment terms

On confirmation of a commission I ask for a 50% deposit. This can be paid through bank transfer, PayPal or by cheque. Once the portrait is complete and delivered to you, the final 50% is then due.

Pricing Guide

My pricing starts at £100 for a single subject and I can produce illustrations in a variety of sizes.

Subjects Size Cost
1 A4 £75
Each additional - + £50

For additional accessories or for a pet name included, there is a charge of £15.